My white shall

Today I went to the beach. At the beach I saw a white shall. The shall was a little bright white. If you put it in the sun you can see it shane. It had lines in the middle. And at the end it was shaped like a dolphin’s tail. And that was my shall.

My family

On Saturday  I  went to the beach with my grandma and my couisns. My grandma has lots of kids. She is nice and very kind. She likes to walk on the beach and that’s why she tolk me and my cousins to the beach.

My cousins are wild. The oldest is 13 years old and he is a little lazy. the middle one is 11 years old and he is in 6th grade at SkyLine school in Solana Beach. The youngest is 7 years old and he’s in first grade. They splash water at each other and act crazy. My little sister was there too and she was makeing a sand castle with my grandma. It was an awesome day.

The clouds

Today at recess I was I was watching the sky. I saw a lot of clouds. I saw a dog, flower and a ship. It was so much fun watching the clouds. And the sky was bright blue. And the sun was very bright. I had a lot of fun.

Favorite t.v show

When I was little I used to watch a show called RBD. It’s about teenagers who what to make a band and poform for people like in a t.v show. And one boy came from Mexico to get revenge on a girl’s father’s brother for killing his dad. And the good part is that the boy and the girl get together as a couple. And his mom doesn’t know that he came to Mexico to U.S.A. And I have tone dvd.

Capture the flag

Today at ASPIRE we played capture the flag. I was the guard for the flag. It was a little hard, but I still had fun. I think we won like maybe five times.

It was very fun. I think we lost. I’m not that sure, but I doesn’t matter if we lost or won. It’s about having fun and helping each other. After everyone left, me and four other kids went inside because it was getting dark. Maybe we could play capture the flag in P.E. It would be fun:)
– vriceida

My weekend

My weekend was fun and awesome. On Saturday I went to a sweet 15. I saw Mr. Crab from Spongebob Squarepants and then later maybe like two more hours, I saw Curious George. I had fun.

At the party I played with my cousins. At first I was alone because my cousins hadn’t come yet. I got to the party maybe like seven. I didn’t get any cake. Then someone got on a chair and throw Micky hair bands and glow stics. I got each one. I had fun at the party.


The picture of ASPIRE: kids running, kids playing handball, kids hitting the ball with all their strength, kids playing tag on the playground, little kids doing their homework, kids reading inside, STAFF talking to kids.


The picture of recces: people hitting the ball, peolpe talking, people eating snacks at the lunch tables, boys kicking the ball high, girls playing on the monkey bars, kids playing tag, teachers watching us, the bell ringed kids going in their lines

Happy Friday

Today I had fun because it’s a half day and we get out at 12:45 not at 2:20. I’m so tired and after school I go to ASPIRE which is so fun:). I just finished doing my STEMS and my math test and I think it was easy.

It’s almost lunch. Right now I’m hungry and tired. I feel like eating a cutie. I love cuties so much. We have cuties at ASPIRE. Mostly everyone gets the cuties. I think I’m done.



Yesterday in art we were choosing what we will do for our block in the wall. I don’t know what’s it called. Ms. Sikking was giving us a tour of all of the art from 2006-2013 I think. And ONLY 6th graders can do it. I saw maybe like four drawings together in 4 groups.

I’m thinking of drawing maybe like a big tree and in the middle I would put my full name. And the rest I would put more trees and a sun or I can do an ocean and on the top I can do some clouds with an  orange and yellow sun. What is your opinion?
– Vriceida

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